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Science is a symphony.  For millennia, we’ve listened to the intricate sounds of the universe – observing and recording, trying to hear the rhythm, the melodies, harmonies and cadence – trying to decipher the language of everything.  With an insatiable appetite for the sounds of everything around us, we now, for the first time in the history of life as its known to us, stand prepared to make music of our own.  We’re going to borrow notes, sample melodies and infringe on cosmic copyrights, but we’re going to make noise.  I’m going to listen, to hear, to take in and reflect and try to learn the language of these sounds, with the intention of one day becoming a composer of serenades and and great symphonies.  I mean to build something, to make noise, to practice and give the world around me new songs to hear and enjoy and share and to draw inspiration from.  I mean to live forever through the echoes of my compositions – my contributions to science and for science, and for the endless parade of scientists and thinkers, dreamers, investigators and explorers that will follow us in our love of understanding.